Running an application for which the source code has been lost?

Generative AI can create a modern application providing the same business functionality.

Your overnight batch process still runs in the morning, keeping you from increasing your business volume?

Generative AI can create a stream-lined, fast and scalable replacement featuring the same business functionality.

Your product includes a controller board from a supplier having gone out of business?

Generative AI can program a new controller board to feature the same control logic as the old.

Facing hard to understand actuarial models while migrating your run-off insurance policies to a new platform?

Generative AI can explain to you how the models calculate premiums, benefits and other figures.

Do failed legacy renewal projects keep you from ever trying it again?

Generative AI can dramatically ease legacy renewal by uncovering business logic long forgotten and providing a step-wise migration path.

Talk to us about mimicking your legacy systems.