Our Approach

mimicry is a new way of transforming software that removes the struggle with legacy applications. It enables rapid retirement of the original application and the transformation to a new application with the exact same functionalities, while leaving products, processes, and interfaces in place. The new application follows a consistent and modern architecture, closes potential security holes, and leverages the capabilities of today’s infrastructure. Enterprises can realize new business opportunities and innovate with new business models in an agile fashion.

mimicry builds on computational methods to extract the business logic deeply embedded in an aging application, assembling a “mental model” of all functions and interfaces, amending the model with knowledge provided by human analysts in areas where logical complexity exceeds machine capabilities. mimicry automatically removes duplications and redundancies and flags many inconsistencies that emerge from the mental model, providing a simplified, consistent view of the application’s functionality for exploration and review by human analysts. mimicry includes a flexible code generator, constructing source code for a modern event-driven architecture based on current technology standards and allowing for the integration of custom components as microservices. It allows automatic generation of an executable program performing all its functions, enabling comparison testing with actual business transactions processed by the original application, flagging any deviations for further analysis and amending the model using additional machine learning or human input.